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Laboratorios MICROKIT.
20 years commited
to microbiology laboratories
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The Star MICROKIT products
Some real examples of the importance of Microkit’s products and services in the last two decades

Numerous validations accomplished by MICROKIT Laboratories’ innovative kits, medias, and methods have led to maximum transcendence conclusions in the microbiological analysis of:
Food | Water | Medications | Cosmetics | Chemical products | Air and surfaces.

28 publications summarize all of this in the sector’s most prestigious magazines as well as in our other web page:
Spanish language publications and validations

Microbiological quality control? After 20 years, the answer continues being... MICROKIT !

Thank you for contributing to the advancement of microbiological quality control!
Laboratorios Microkit,
Your friendly supplier.

Laboratorios Microkit S.L.
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Pioneers for 20 years designing and manufacturing distinctives CHROMOGENIC MEDIAS, in dehydrated and prepared presentations, agar and broths, as well as in SINGLE KITS of our design to make easier the microbiological analysis of water, food, cosmetics and environment.
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