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Laboratorios MICROKIT.
20 years commited
to microbiology laboratories
Microbiological analysis optimization of FOOD.

New microbiological analysis methods successfully used in leading laboratories



  • Global trend in the use of chromogenic medias.
  • Other exclusive MICROKIT medias that can help you.
  • Compact-Dry-Plates ®: The revolution of en masse culture without the need to melt medias!.
  • MICROKIT validated protocol for food analysis.
  • Intercomparative service: SEILALIMENTOS.

Global trend in the use of chromogenic medias:

  • MUGPLUS Cfs.Agar
  • TBX Agar
  • MCC Broth
  • CHROMOCYTOGENES Ottaviani & Agosti Agar
  • PCA-Chromogenic
  • PCA-MILK Chromogenic

Other MICROKIT medias of extraordinary interest for food use:

  • Buff. Peptone Neutralizing Purple versus classic Buffered peptone water.
  • Rose Bengal Caf. Agar versus Sabouraud/YGC Agar.
  • SS Broth versus Rappaport VS Broth.
  • MKT parahaemolyticus Broth versus Alkaline Saline Broth.
200 other medias in 500g or 100g bottles (less possibilities for humidity, lasts longer in optimum condition) for ALL the ISO standards, ALL parameters, and ALL food matrixes (please see the table for the most recommendable medias according to the matrixes and parameters in the MICROKIT catalogue). Formula manufacturing (confidential or otherwise) by order. If you can’t find what you need, we will manufacture it for you.

Microbiological analysis optimization of FOOD.
Compact-Dry-Plates ® Range

The revolution of en masse culture without the need to melt medias!

  • An en masse culture that does not require media preparation. That is why it has the advantages of a dehydrated media (long expiration term) and prepared medias (sterile, ready for immediate use, timer-saver).
  • Additionally, it does not have the downfall of the classic prepared plate, that after absorbing at least 0.1-0.3 ml, it is not useful for the majority of microbiological parameters.
  • It cold self-diffuses the sample ml, thus avoiding the need for handles, and eliminating the agar’s temperature cooling critical point to avoid burning microorganisms and increasing by 10 the plates detection limit.
  • Full range of chromogenic medias.
  • Saves space (storage, range, waste…)
  • Validated by Microval and certified by AOAC.
Total aerobic   Yeasts and moulds   Coliforms and E.coli
Enterobacteria   Coliforms   Staphylococcus aureus
Salmonella   Vibrio parahaemolyticus   Enterococcus

MICROKIT validated protocol for microbiological analysis of food

42 pages of improvements in microbiological food analysis, known thanks to our intercomparative service.

An example of one of the numerous work diagrams from this protocol:


SEILALIMENTOS intercomparative service

… All of these are at your disposal

Some real examples of the importance of Microkit’s products and services in the last two decades

Numerous validations accomplished by MICROKIT Laboratories’ innovative kits, medias, and methods have led to maximum transcendence conclusions in the microbiological analysis of:
Food | Water | Medications | Cosmetics | Chemical products | Air and surfaces.

28 publications summarize all of this in the sector’s most prestigious magazines as well as in our other web page:
Spanish language publications and validations

Microbiological quality control? After 20 years, the answer continues being... MICROKIT !

Thank you for contributing to the advancement of microbiological quality control!
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Pioneers for 20 years designing and manufacturing distinctives CHROMOGENIC MEDIAS, in dehydrated and prepared presentations, agar and broths, as well as in SINGLE KITS of our design to make easier the microbiological analysis of water, food, cosmetics and environment.
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